Episode 5:Nothing can defeat you if you always have Hope

Episode 5 August 19, 2022 00:11:30
Episode 5:Nothing can defeat you if you always have Hope
Letters of Encouragement
Episode 5:Nothing can defeat you if you always have Hope

Aug 19 2022 | 00:11:30


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If you are like most of us you may feel that the world is inherently evil and life seems so unfair. Though these statements may seem true we all must realize that through the power of hope we can face each obstacle with determination and courage. Let us hope always for greater outcomes than our circumstances predict. If we make a habit of never losing hope nothing that we face can defeat us. This podcast will encourage on how to have hope and always believe in a brighter and more wonderful outcome.

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 Letters of encouragement is brought to you by new beginning health PC at 1121 main street in south Waymouth Massachusetts. I am Dr. Alfonso brown and we are proud to bring you this message today. Have you ever felt like if something's gonna go wrong, it will or is about to, well, I wanted to encourage you today with one of the greatest gifts that we have, and it's a unique gift president side of each of us. And if you firmly believe in it and act on it every day, it will give you the greatest desires of your heart and align you with the true treasures that our creator has for you. I wanna talk today about the gift of hope. Hello, my friend, thank you for tuning in today. And as always, I wanted to give you a word of encouragement with this thought, as you start today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about one of the greatest powers that we're blessed to have. My faith teaches me is listed in Psalms 33 dash two. May your unfailing love be with us? Oh Lord. Even as we put our hope in you, it's a power of from scripture Speaker 0 00:01:51 Tells us that God has unfailing love for us, and we should put our hope in him. Now, why is that relevant or necessary? Well, hope is one of the most amazing and beautiful things that God has given us. The reason why is that hope is all powerful. You see, hope takes whatever your circumstance is, and it tells you that right around the corner or further down the line, there might be an option that awakens or opens up that will turn all the problems you face upside down hope is always present, meaning that it's coming. And it gives you anticipation, knowing that there is an opportunity that your circumstances will change. Speaker 0 00:02:51 Hope can turn the tide of serious circumstances by hope individuals struggle against unbelieving odds and they win. Have you ever been in that situation where you felt like everything is over, it's just not working your way. You're not gonna have a chance, then all of a sudden there's an event that occurs or a small thing that you would call a coincidence or some people like to use the term luck. Well, I don't like to call it luck. I like to call it a blessing. A belief that something good was going to come from the circumstance. And it is the belief that something good will come from the circumstance that enables you to have hope in the Bible. God says that he knows the plans that he has with us plans to give us hope in a future. If God almighty the creative of the universe is telling us that he plans to give us hope in a future. Speaker 0 00:03:55 Then we should believe in that and grasp. Then, you know, when you were younger, your parents would tell you things and you didn't necessarily see it, but you believed it. They might have told you about, you know, some things that you subsequently found. Probably, you know, now you're a little embarrassed to admit Santa Claus and things like that, but it was the hope, the belief that what they were telling you was true, that kept you from being deferred. I remember when I was a kid, Christmas time was coming and my parents had said, oh, you've been good. There was that belief that a reward was gonna be coming. There was that hope. And no matter what happened, the circumstances in that day, the hope made me understand and believe that it was gonna get better. Speaker 0 00:04:47 My dear friend don't allow the things that impact you every day to take away your hope. One of the most powerful gifts that you and I have is the ability to hope. For example, if you look at present circumstances now, when situations seem terrible, let's say there was a war going on just by changing the way that a given individual thinks about an outcome can totally turn the tide. If everyone in an army says, I have no hope will never survive. The army loses. But if everyone in the army says, I will never give up. As long as I have breath, there is the hope that I will continue and I will fight to the last breath. Then what a powerful and resilient army that becomes when great individuals seek out to do great things. They have a hope and a belief that they will achieve those things, no matter what circumstances they encounter or what things are presented to them. Speaker 0 00:05:53 And the beautiful thing about hope is that that it's only limited by our imagination and our ability to believe hope will always find a way when all the doors seem closed, you can hope for an outcome. And haven't you noticed that when you do that, something usually slows up and the word it says, ask, and you shall receive, seek, and you shall find nothing. It shall be open to you. I don't know about you, but to me, every single one of those phrases says to maintain hope, because the answer, the solution, the breakthrough is coming. Speaker 0 00:06:34 Isn't it amazing that in our society, one of the things that people try to do to limit you is to take away your hope. I can prove this to you. You know, one of the most successful human beings is the baby. You know why? Because babies have hope and they believe they can do anything. You don't have to tell a baby, they're not gonna talk babies believe intrinsically that they're gonna learn how to talk. And guess what most of them do, you don't have to tell a baby that they're not going to, to be able to walk babies, believe that they can walk. They observe you and they see what you do. And eventually they learn to walk. Most of them do babies believe they can be anything. And when their children, they hold the same beliefs. You know, the sad thing is the only time when they lose that energy. Speaker 0 00:07:28 And that gift is when somebody comes and tells 'em that they can't it's, then that the baby has to go back into their baby self. And they have to believe that they can, and through hard work and determination, most individuals who are successful are able to realize their hopes and their dreams. So the key thing is to never lose sight of the fact that what you believe and you hope for you can accomplish with faith and action. So never lose hope, never, ever, ever lose home for something as serious as suicide. You know what? The number one predictor of an individual committing suicide is when they have that tendency, it's the loss of hope don't lose home. Hope will keep you strong. Hope will turn your circumstances, which are terrible into circumstances, which are good. And the beautiful thing about hope, the absolute beautiful thing about hope is that you are the only one that controls its manifestation. Speaker 0 00:08:39 You see, no one can take hope from you. You have to surrender it. And no one can tell you not to hope because as long as you believe, and as long as there's a powerful creator, a God who looks over all of us, anything is possible. God says this with men. Things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible. So the next time you wake up or you encounter a circumstance and you have the tendency to feel discouraged, just realize that you have a power within you. The power of hope, take your hope, visualize the outcome, and then strategize on the process, apply action to your hope each day and monitor whether or not you're moving closer to it with your actions. If you're not change your course, but continue to maintain hope. And the reason why, because by hope and faith, with hard work and determination, all these things shall come to you. So again, as I say, Psalms 33, verse two, it says, may your unfailing love be with us Lord, even as we put our hope in you until we speak again, have hope and believe you can do it. And you will. Thank you. Speaker 0 00:10:15 Thank you for listening to this episode of letters of encouragement brought to you by Dr. Alfonso brown with new beginning health PC located at 1121 main street in south Waymouth Massachusetts. If you are a loved one are in need of addiction treatment services. Please visit us at new beginning health, pc.com. That's new beginning health, pc.com until we meet again, thank you and have a fantastic day.

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