Episode 4: A love message for when you've suffered a personal loss

Episode 4 May 07, 2022 00:07:49
Episode 4: A love message for when you've suffered a personal loss
Letters of Encouragement
Episode 4: A love message for when you've suffered a personal loss

May 07 2022 | 00:07:49


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This episode seeks to encourage anyone suffering from the pain of profound personal loss. Encouragement and hope are provided in knowing that two things that we have experienced before the personal loss will remain forever. The message also shows how God's love for us means we are never alone, even when we have a crushing personal loss.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Hello beloved. This is Dr. Alfonso brown. And I'm here to speak to you today in this next episode of letters of encouragement. I wanted to ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why we feel so sad when we lose someone who's special? Why is it that we cry funerals and death hurts so much Today. I want to try to answer that question and to provide hopefully some soothing and comforting answers. You know, when you go to a funeral, a lot of times you'll notice that people are crying as they lament over the loss of a loved one. You ask yourself, why is it that people cry at funerals? And what is it about the death of a loved one that hurts us? So I think the answer to that, though, it seems simple is fairly complex. On the one hand, you know, that the individual who the funeral is being held for is no longer walking with us among the living. So in a sense, we lament the loss and the things that no longer will be that person's smile, their smell, their warm, embrace, the kindness they demonstrated and all the things that they've left behind. But the one thing I wanted to encourage you about the loving is that every specific relationship Speaker 0 00:01:43 That you endure with an individual creates some amazing things that are never lost. The two things that are created every time we interact with a loved one are the words that we share and the memories that we have Now, our words, her old creative power, By our words, we Sign contracts. We produce reading material. We teach, we instruct, we provide orders, which give authority, All things created and demonstrated by our words, Our words are powerful. Our brain doesn't think in terms of words, but it takes our words and creates images. So our brain is influenced by the words that other people speak. Try this test, to look at the power eye. When someone says to you, We'll never get out of this. Speaker 0 00:02:48 We're stuck here forever. Versus I think if we work together, we'll be able to get around this situation and we'll come up with a creative strategy for overcoming the problem that now faces us. When you think about it, two ways of saying the exact same thing, how you approach a problem, your brain will react to each situation depending upon the words and the tone that is used. So our words are extremely important. So we must realize that the words that we've spoken to, the one that we've lost will always remain. And the words that they've spoken to, you said in love said in kindness, they will last forever. And the beautiful thing is that these words can be passed along in the or tradition and stories. Why are stories important? Well, stories are important, not only because of what they reveal in terms of history and information, but they're important in the way that they make us feel. You remember that time when that loved one, told you something that was dear to you and tickled your heart, or when that loved one showed bravery or kindness in a way that was so special. Those words that were used, those expressions, those things that were said, they will never disappear. You can bring them back immediately by just invoking your memory, which brings me to the second thing. Speaker 0 00:04:26 Dear one. The other thing that you have to realize is that when you lose a loved one, never lose the memories that were created. Did you know that your brain has a location specific for everything that you've ever experienced in your entire lifetime? Yes. Your brain never forgets anything. It records everything with you. And the beautiful thing is that if we had a mechanism, we could actually go back in and retrieve that memory in such a way that it would be as if we're experiencing it all over again. The first time now, as you know, each of us has an ability to do this to some extent, cuz you can remember things from your childhood adolescence and even adulthood. And the end of life, these memories are precious. They mean something. And sometimes they're so powerful that you can conjure up the smells. The sounds, other experiences that were going on at the time, that memory was formed. Speaker 0 00:05:34 You have to realize that every memory that you have is stored and especially the good ones, they will never die. So that person you love, the one you care about, you can reach back to them, the memories that you create and use those memories, the good ones to remember that person and also pass on those memories. You see, this is the way that you provide an eternal reflection on that individual because by passing on those memories, those who knew them and even those who never knew them, you ensure that their legacy lives on forever. The final thing I want to say beloved, it is that during this time, especially when you lose someone you care about, it can be very hard, but I truly believe that God feels our pain. And I ask you to step back and look at the things that happened to you. Speaker 0 00:06:32 Especially in these times when you're feeling the most hurt, God often will send people. He'll send things. He'll cause you to notice the beauty and the intricate detail. He places in a flower, he might blow a cooling breeze across your face or have the sun miraculously open up and shine on you at a time when you're feeling down, remember that God shares in your suffering, in his infinite wisdom and infinite power. He makes himself vulnerable because he loves you. And he will send people, animals, birds, things, circumstances. And of course, words and memories to comfort you cuz you are his child. You don't believe me. Well guess who inspired this podcast that I'm saying now it was God. And if it touches you, that means it was meant just for you until we meet again beloved. This is Dr. Brown, and this is letters of encouragement.

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