Letters of Encouragement

--- Dr. Alphonso Brown ---

Letters of Encouragement: is a podcast which provides encouraging daily broadcasts to bless the listener as they begin each day with teachings from the word of GOD. The daily action item challenges the listener to act on the day's teaching and incorporate it into their daily life.

Brought to you by Dr. Alphonso Brown of Letters of Encouragement

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 3: GOD has an amazing purpose for you even if you've messed up.

    Have you ever worried that you don't have the faith or the confidence to accomplish what God wants you to. Have you ever thought that you've just messed up to much and that God can't use you again or worse, he doesn't love you. Beloved, in this episode we will examine ...


  2. Why Does God Give Us Free Will ?

    Have you ever asked "Why does God give us free will"? It would seem that the Almighty God would simply create a legion of individuals who would be subservient and would follow him no matter what happens. Perhaps one of the most perplexing questions about life is why the sovereign God has ...


  3. Episode 1: Created in His Image

    In this episode we will learn from Genesis 1: 26 about the tremendous implications of the truth that each individual is created in GOD's image and that when we reject and harm our fellow humans, we are in fact rejecting the most glorious creation of GOD. The call to action asks ...